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 His name is Jacob and he was born on 1/03/02. He is allergic to milk, peanut and egg. If he gets any food product with any of these things in it, he goes into anaphylactic shock, meaning his throat closes up, he will quit breathing if not treated with an epi pen and will usually vomit and break out in hives all over and swell up. Pretty scary experience. It's happened twice to that degree.
 He has also had other medical problems where he has to take maintenance medicine. This is also information that we have on the wristbands. It helps tremendously when we leave him with other people at the church nursery that may not be familiar with his problems.

 Here is a picture of  David holding his brother Jacob.  He's 5 1/2 and looks out for little brother with a vengeance.

Red Ribbon Coalition
 The Red Ribbon Coalition Website was created by ICDP in 1999 to assist school site prevention coordinators (parent, teacher and student volunteers) who are responsible for developing and hosting Red Ribbon Celebration activities at their school or in their community. Irvine Community Drug Prevention (ICDP), a non-profit agency in Irvine, California, hosts the Red Ribbon Coalition website and provides its web based training services for free to these volunteers. To date, more than 5,000 school site prevention coordinators have used the online training workshop. 

 ICDP is teaming up with CADFY - School Site Prevention Coordinators in California may attend Red Ribbon Training Workshops for FREE!!! Find out more HERE

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